About The Probus Club

Founded in 1921, the Probus Club is a volunteer organization of professional and business leaders dedicated to helping persons who have intellectual disabilities. The Club offers financial aid as well as activities that provide these community members opportunities to interact in general society. Projects that assist in the normalization of the lives of clients include the Special Olympics, outings to athletic and cultural venues, camp scholarships, dances, and holiday celebrations. Additionally, the Club sponsors Probus House in Bridgeport, a group home offering professional residential support. Working together as volunteers and socializing with clients at events forges lifetime friendships and associations.

All proceeds from fund raising activities are allocated to client projects. The 33rd Anniversary Bike the Beach tour will be in the Fall of 2022 at Jennings Beach in Fairfield.

Why Your Support is Needed:

  • There are over 54 million Americans with disabilities
  • 35 million people are classified as having a severe disability
  • Almost 70% of adults with a severe disability are unemployed
  • Over 350,000 CT residents have a disability requiring assistance